Machining Service

The company has the technological capabilities of CNC machining, vacuum brazing, vacuum electron beam welding, vacuum diffusion welding, and various high-end surface treatments involved in the manufacturing process of military products.

CNC machining service

High-demand parts have strict tolerances, and precision parts with complete functions can be processed in just 2 days.

rapid prototyping

Good at precision CNC machining of prototypes of complex geometric shapes,

Small batch manufacturing

Committed to through a large number of small batch manufacturing services,

Surface service

We support one-stop surface treatment to meet the visual and functional requirements of any design.

Quality Inspection

Continuously improve and optimize all custom manufacturing capabilities,


Who are we?

Founded in Shenzhen, China, it is a prototype manufacturing company and rapid manufacturer specializing in rapid prototyping and small batch manufacturing of military product structure and magnesium alloy machining. One-stop service to production.





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Manufacturing space

Excellent products in different fields

You no longer need to worry about quality for speed. CYANBAT can quickly manufacture parts with precision tolerances as low as +/- 0.001 mm.

About our cooperation

Greenbat Technology makes it fast and easy to share design files, select manufacturing requirements, review pricing and DFM, and track everything in one place.

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Choose your detailed requirements, view quotation feedback and compare pricing and delivery time options.

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Choosing the right prototype manufacturer

@ ISO 9001Qualification certification ensures that products meet strict quality specifications.
@ The technical team provides one-to-one support services and responds quickly within a few hours.
@ Comprehensive capabilities include internal processing and integration of Chinese manufacturing resources.
@ An experienced team of engineers and flexible production methods mean faster manufacturing and shorter delivery times.

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Frequently asked questions

How does Greenbat Technology guarantee your IP security?

  • Protecting the intellectual property rights of our customers is our top priority, and it is also something we attach great importance to. We mainly help protect your intellectual property in 3 ways:
  • 1. File management and anonymization-When you place an order with cyanbat Technology, your parts will be intelligently matched with the best manufacturing partners in our network to complete the work. However, only partners who receive a match can access your data. Our competition process does not involve bidding. In addition, Greenbat Technology deletes identifiable customer information from CAD models and drawings before sharing with matching partners to further anonymize and protect customer data.

  • 2. Partner review and management-All manufacturing partners in our network are strictly reviewed and managed. Before introducing new partners, we will review their facilities, quality management processes, and practices surrounding IP management through a rigorous onboarding process.

  • 3. Confidentiality Agreement-All cyanbat Technology manufacturing partners are protected by cyanbat Technology’s contracts and technical laws to ensure that your intellectual property rights are protected. In addition, we are happy to provide and sign a confidentiality agreement for your company. You can send us an email at to enforce the confidentiality agreement.

How does cyanbat Technology maintain high quality standards through a distributed manufacturing partner network?

  • Cyanbat uses the following measures to ensure that parts meet our high quality standards:
  • 1. Initially evaluate the capabilities of manufacturing partners during the order placement process
  • 2. According to Qingbat Technology’s quality management system and inspection agreement, and all partners must implement clear The prescribed control requires training of manufacturing partners
  • 3. Clearly communicate customer requirements to Greenbat manufacturing partners
  • 4. Continuously evaluate the performance of manufacturing partners, including regular feedback to promote continuous improvement
  • 5. Periodic field verification controlled by manufacturing partners

Does Cyanbat Technology provide advanced inspection and material certificates?

  • Cyanbat Technology is happy to provide advanced inspection reports and material certification and conformity certificates using CMM or laser scanner technology. You can easily add these services to your order using the Cyanbat technology platform.

Digital manufacturing resources

Cast magnesium alloys are used more than wrought magnesium alloys. Cast magnesium alloy is the most widely used light alloy in the aviation industry.

Magnesium casting machining skills

In metal cutting, the cutting is performed on the fresh surface every time, the speed varies from a few millimeters to hundreds of meters per minute, and the pressure is as high as 2 to 3 GPa. 

The use of magnesium alloy cutting oil

Let’s talk about 13 tips about magnesium alloy processing. We hope to help you and reduce a lot of mistakes when processing magnesium alloys.

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