Magnesium alloy product processing, one-stop service center

CYANBAT has more than ten years of experience in setting up factories, and has cnc processing, die-casting processing, quality testing, and surface treatment. It is a one-stop magnesium alloy processing service center

Processing service type

CYANBAT has CNC machined, die-casting machined, quality inspection, surface treatment-magnesium alloy machined services

Product cnc machined
Magnesium alloy cnc

Stable processing quality, high precision, can process difficult-to-process products.

Magnesium alloy quality inspection
Multiple quality inspections

Mechanical testing, precision testing, thermal shock, falling ball, adhesion certification,...

Surface treatment technology
Manual processing/chemical processing<

Passivation, micro-arc oxidation, anodizing, electroplating, black oxide, spray paint...

Die casting machined
Magnesium alloy die casting

Process a variety of more complex shapes, with excellent dimensional accuracy, and good smoothness...

Military product

Military product processing

Over the years, we have insisted on the quality of military products. From the initial smoke test, it has increased to more than a dozen quality test programs.

Aerospace product

Aerospace products processing

For the processing of aviation products, Greenbat Technology is already a veteran, and the problems in the processing of various magnesium alloys can be quickly solved

Medical product

Medical product processing

Since receiving the first customer of medical parts in 2016, Greenbat Technology has been recognized by customers with the concept of quality first.

The development of cyanbat

We have the ability, technology and experience to provide customers with quality services

  • May 2, 2013

Established the structural design business department in 2013

In order to better serve military, aviation, medical, communications and electronics customers...

  • July 9, 2015

In 2015, Hong Kong Green Bat Industrial Co., Ltd. was established

It is the imported quality control of magnesium alloy materials. Provide safe and reliable magnesium alloy products,

  • January 17, 2019

ISO9001 certified processing magnesium alloy military supporting enterprise

To better serve the customers of magnesium alloy applications,


Customer satisfaction


Project completion




Production equipment

What our customers give us

We serve seriously. Our customers have solved the difficult problems in the production of magnesium alloys, and we have won the recognition of our customers based on quality.

Military parts

Military Industry Enterprise Evaluation

Military parts processing
Aviation shell

Aviation company evaluation

Aviation shell processing
Medical enterprise

Medical enterprise evaluation

Medical accessories processing
Communication structure

Communication Electronic Evaluation

Communication structure processing