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Aerospace Manufacturing Service

Using our ISO91001 and ISO2015 certified machining and die-casting processes to process high-demand parts. Qualified items can also provide traceability of magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy, and stainless steel.

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ISO9001 military industry standard certification

Why does CYANBAT Technology manufacture and process

Faster cycle time

With a few minutes of quotes and a few days of parts quotes, automotive engineers can use CYANBAT Technology to reduce cycle times by up to 50%.

10 times tighter tolerance

Green Bat Technology can process parts with tolerances as small as +/- 0.001 mm—compared to other leading services, the accuracy is increased by 10 times.

Industry-leading quality

High-quality services include material certification, qualification certificates, advanced inspection reports, etc.

From early prototyping and design verification to heat testing and release, our automated manufacturing services can Used in the product life cycle.

Our digital manufacturing capabilities accelerate the development of various magnesium alloys, aluminum alloys, and stainless steel aerospace components

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Hundreds of high-quality parts for military equipment

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10 days production

Aerospace manufacturing processing parts of Qingbat Technology

Aviation manufacturing

Aviation reinforced chassis

Appearance and external machinery, meet the interface requirements of civil aircraft electronic equipment of the HB7390 standard,

UAV structural parts

The UAV structure is mainly composed of a frame, a motor, an ESC, blades, a tail, and a landing gear.

Aerial camera structure

Small and light, low-noise and energy-saving, high-efficiency maneuverability, clear images, light-weight, miniaturized, and intelligent

Flight control system structure

Built-in sensors such as controller, gyroscope, accelerometer and barometer.


Quality certification

Qingbat Technology’s quality management system has passed ISO 9001 certification. We also have manufacturing partners in our ecosystem, and these partners have obtained the following certifications::

ISO 9001

Green Bat Technology provides certification for your order, including:

Material certification

Certificate of Conformity