Precision CNC machining of medical product shell

CAE simulation analysis

Qingbat Technology adopts various CAE analysis techniques

Main objects include virtual prototype, flow field calculation and electromagnetic field calculation, etc.

Thermal Design and Simulation Technology

Qingbat Technology has many years of processing time experience in thermal design

Complete the heat dissipation analysis of the natural conduction, fluid and composite methods of the overall chassis and components of the military industry, providing customers with comprehensive system solutions, fully considering the vibration and heat dissipation of the system , high temperature, low temperature, damp heat and other use environments and ergonomics.

Provide customers with planning system equipment layout, overall style, size, installation, etc.

Mechanical Simulation Technology

Master the mechanical properties of the product to optimize the structural processing of the product

The chassis is the carrier of electronic components, and its structural characteristics will directly affect the transmission, reliability and maintenance of electronic system signals. Therefore, the mechanical analysis of the chassis is the guarantee for the reliability of the product

Qingbat Technology has rich processing experience in equipment structural statics, transient impact analysis, modal, vibration analysis, crash and fatigue life simulation analysis, etc.