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Our positioning is to provide our customers with quality products day after day.

Provide magnesium and aluminum die casting services, focusing on magnesium alloy processing services.

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The advantages of magnesium and aluminum die-casting

One of the most significant benefits of magnesium and aluminum die-casting is that it can make lighter parts—compared with other die-casting alloys, it has more surface finishing options.

Magnesium and aluminum can also withstand the highest working temperature of all die-casting alloys. In addition, cast magnesium and aluminum are widely used and resistant to corrosion; it maintains high dimensional stability through thin walls and can be used in almost any industry.

Aluminum die casting application:

Magnesium and aluminum castings help reduce weight, thereby improving automobile fuel efficiency

Magnesium and aluminum are widely used in network and infrastructure equipment in the telecommunications and computing industries, because RF filter boxes and enclosures need heat dissipation

In handheld devices, magnesium and aluminum castings provide EMI/RFI shielding, rigidity and durability with minimal weight

Due to the excellent electrical properties and shielding properties of magnesium and aluminum, die-casting magnesium and aluminum are ideal choices for electronic connectors and housings even in high-temperature environments.

Our positioning

Our positioning is to provide our customers with quality products day after day. Our 980 square meter factory has 15 cold chamber die casting machines, dressing tools, finishing services, and internal precision machining and assembly operations. The strength we need to complete the work in the first time.

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MT (Moldtech)
VDI (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure)
YS (Yick Sang)

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Why use green bats for metal casting

It may sound counterintuitive to use RP to provide metal casting services, but we have provided good reasons:

We have established good relationships with partners in pressure casting and investment casting.

We have a large number of precision CNC machine tools for post-processing

With our project management experience, we can guarantee the smooth delivery and on-time delivery of information.

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