What we do

Shenzhen CYANBAT Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CYANBAT Technology") specializes in the research and development of the structure of military electronic equipment, as well as the research, manufacturing and supporting of component-level and system-level product liquid cooling. CYANBAT Technology has long-term cooperation with China's aviation, aerospace, ship, ordnance industry institutions and enterprises;

Our main business is dedicated to providing customers with reliable military chassis and high-reliability liquid cooling solutions. The purpose is to improve the reliability and stability of electronic equipment in extreme environments.

Our capabilities

The company has the technological capabilities of CNC machining, vacuum brazing, vacuum electron beam welding, vacuum diffusion welding, and various high-end surface treatments involved in the product processing and production process, and strictly follows the military equipment quality control system. Raw materials arrive at the site for inspection, process monitoring, quality information management, and quality prevention in four dimensions. The company has a series of high-performance equipment with high-performance target server, thermal and fluid simulation technology, fluid testing technology, thermal testing technology and so on in the development of liquid cooling solutions.


In June 2018, the company's test and inspection center set up a liquid-cooled laboratory to undertake a series of quality inspection and test processes such as the company's liquid-cooled product development test, identification test, and type test.