Consumer electronics field
Precision Manufacturing Service

Development speed and well-designed, user-centric final product And the success of companies pushing computer electronic products and equipment into different markets is crucial.

Why does CYANBAT Technology manufacture and process

Mass customization

Using the function of small batch production, provide more customization options that customers need.

CNC die-casting molding

Quickly expand from prototype to small batch production, and through fast-rotating CNC machining and die-casting molding, CNC milling molding and insert molding are the first to enter the market

Function prototype

Use die-cast or machined prototypes made of production materials to quickly iterate and improve early designs0.

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Technology-based manufacturing processes can speed up the design cycle, reduce development costs, and help support consumers now More SKUs and product customization needed.

From airplanes to cars to hospitals, you can find electronic products almost everywhere. These products bring you value through advanced features and improved user experience.

Hundreds of quality parts for prosthetic devices icon

Hundreds of high-quality parts for military equipment

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10 days production

The military manufacturing advantage of CYANBAT Technology

Which material is best for consumers and computer electronic components

Magnesium alloy

This reliable metal material is widely used in high-end consumer electronics and other industries. It brings general performance to components such as electronic casings and handheld devices, and the weight is the lightest existence in metal.

Aluminum alloy

This material can be processed or formed by aluminum alloy processing to form housings, brackets or other metal parts that require high strength and low weight, and the price is relatively cheap

Stainless steel

Choose from metal materials for parts that require impact resistance or flexibility. CNC machining can also be used for components and products with ergonomic handles, buttons or handles.

Other materials

Customers can provide us with materials for processing. We have mature and complete processing equipment, from CNC processing and die-casting molding, to surface treatment technology and quality testing equipment.

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Quality certification

Qingbat Technology’s quality management system has passed ISO 9001 certification. We also have manufacturing partners in our ecosystem, and these partners have obtained the following certifications::

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ISO 9001

Green Bat Technology provides certification for your order, including:

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Material certification

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Certificate of Conformity