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Our business scope has expanded to all parts of the country. The following picture is the network map of Qingbat Technology.

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Aerospace Science and Industry Group reached a cooperation


Electronic Technology Group


XXXX military factory


Jiecheng Technology


Suhang UAV

Win-win cooperation with Magnesium Alloy Research Institute

Promote the use of magnesium alloy products in motorcycles, automobiles, military industries, hand tools, and 3C products And other applications

Electronic Technology Group Research Institute

Mainly engaged in refrigeration and thermal management, superconducting and cryogenic electronics technology research and development and product manufacturing

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What is the production and processing material of sheet metal chassis shell? What are the most commonly used materials? Today,

Sheet metal chassis shell material

When we first come into contact with the chassis shell industry, we must study it carefully, which is an intangible asset for the future.

Chassis shell various processes

Advantages and disadvantages of magnesium alloys being widely used;Magnesium alloys are widely used because they have the following advantages:

Advantages and disadvantages of magnesium alloys