Liquid Cooled Chassis Manufacturing

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Introduction of water-cooled chassis

The utility model relates to a device for dissipating heat from the heat-generating components inside the chassis equipment, and can reduce the radiation leakage of the water-cooling equipment and the damage of dust to the computer and the noise generated when the computer is running, which is of great significance for ensuring the stable operation of the water-cooling equipment.

Water-cooled chassis components

It mainly includes water cooling block, circulating fluid, water pump, pipeline and water tank or heat exchanger. The water-cooled equipment chassis has the disadvantages of being too large in size, not simple enough to operate, and expensive.

Water-cooled chassis components

Why choose us

The company has a series of high-profile technical equipment in the development of liquid cooling solutions: high-performance target servers, thermal and fluid simulation technology, fluid testing technology, thermal testing technology and so on.

Quality assurance

The product has high manufacturing reliability and can be continuously optimized for customers. It is processed according to the national military standard and the post-process such as surface treatment and painting, etc., through vibration / electromagnetic / high and low temperature / salt spray / mold / damp heat and other tests

Manufacturing military chassis