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Electronic Technology Group Cooperation

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Military equipment manufacturing

Manufacture of military reinforced chassis

Military communication equipment

Military UAV structure

Magnesium gold elephant source shell

Military notebook all-in-one shell

Military reinforced computer case

Reinforce the chassis

CPCI reinforced computer case

VPX reinforced chassis

PCI/PCle reinforced chassis

ATR reinforced chassis

19-inch reinforced chassis

Liquid-cooled case

Liquid-cooled chassis through sidewalls

Modular liquid-through chassis

U6 module liquid-cooled chassis

Small channel liquid-cooled chassis

Large channel liquid-cooled chassis

Enterprise Information

Three coordinates settled in the green bat

ISO9001 military industry standard qualification certification

Cooperate with aviation group companies

Beijing Military UAV Cooperation Project

A certain military enterprise reached a cooperation

CNC Precision Manufacturing
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Located in Shijiazhuang City, the capital of Hebei Province, the work area covers an area of about 960 acres.

There are currently more than 8,500 employees in the institute, including more than 5,400 scientific and technical personnel, and more than 1,800 PhD and master students. Among the scientific and technological personnel, there are 1 academician of engineering, nearly 1,400 researchers and senior engineers, and 88 people enjoying special government allowances.