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You can send the drawing to our secure mailbox, and we will provide you with a safe escort to ensure the privacy of the drawing

Magnesium alloy processing and manufacturing

Real-time quote

Waiting for a few days to get a quote is a thing of the past. With CYANBAT Technology, you can get pricing immediately or within 1 to 5 hours for complex parts that require additional guidance and expertise. In addition to 3D CAD, we also accept 2D drawings to meet strict tolerances and other special requirements.

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Professional technical feedback

Every part uploaded to the platform will receive expert design with manufacturability feedback, including instant, automatic warnings and customized recommendations provided by our manufacturing engineers as needed .

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On-demand manufacturing parts

After placing an order, manufacturing will not end. You can understand the production status of the parts in real time, including photos of the parts taken at the manufacturing partner’s factories during the inspection.

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product parts processing and manufacturing

Data feedback

We provide you with various problems encountered in the process of processing, and can also provide you with the best manufacturing plan

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Magnesium alloy processing process, military product manufacturing