Product shell precision CNC machining

Quality inspection of metal products for production parts

Ultimately used to ensure the quality assurance of product materials, machining accuracy, and surface adhesion

Looking for additive manufacturing solutions for production projects? With our inspection technology, to ensure high quality parts, we provide accuracy testing, hardness testing, performance testing, as well as process verification and inspection reports, And our product testing process is ISO 9001 and ISO2015 certified. It is an industrial inspection designed according to your project needs, be it prototype or production.

Why choose CYANBAT?

Precision machining of military product parts

1. three-dimensional

An instrument that calculates various geometric shapes, dimensions and other measurement capabilities through a three-coordinate software system, also known as three-dimensional, three-coordinate measuring machine, and three-coordinate measuring instrument.

2. Mechanical testing

Mechanical testing tests the mechanical properties of metals, and tests the properties of conventional metals in terms of tensile, bending, yielding, flattening, and hardness.

3. Salt spray test

Salt spray test is an environmental test that mainly uses artificial simulated salt spray environmental conditions created by salt spray test equipment to evaluate the corrosion resistance of products or metal materials.

4.Adhesion certification

Strict process control measures the adhesion of various metals to the surface of the coated object, mainly testing the adhesion between raw materials and coatings.

Accuracy detection

Precision CNC machining of aviation parts

Gain tight tolerances while increasing the design freedom of additive manufacturing.

  • Accuracy test
  • Three-dimensional, two-dimensional
  • Micrometer, caliper
  • Altimeter

Hardness testing

Magnesium alloy surface treatment

Test product and material stiffness to meet your production requirements.

  • Mechanical Testing
  • Ball drop
  • Pull

Performance Testing

Stainless steel CNC machining

Certified testing to confirm performance requirements on production parts.

  • Salt spray test
  • Hot and cold shock
  • Adhesion Certification