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Green Bat Technology’s military manufacturing system improves the way of rapid processing, improves the results of team manufacturing quality, and creates new innovations Road

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ISO 9001

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Start the road of innovation with reliable quality

Learn how CYANBAT Technology ensures the highest quality standards.

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A network of partners that has been rigorously vetted and managed

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No design requirements are left

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A high-quality team you can trust

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Transparent manufacturing practices

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Design metal production parts for additive manufacturing

A rigorously vetted and managed partner network

Our supply chain management team closely reviews and manages each of our 25 national manufacturing partners, while ensuring that military products are used in harsh environments. Verification to ensure high quality standards,

Production-level quality inspection capability

Green Bat Technology Use
Our facilities and partner ecosystem provide state-of-the-art equipment to provide a wide range of quality inspection services.

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XRF material verification gun

mini cnc lathe

Wide range of gauges
(Expansion, aperture, height,
Surface roughness, feeler gauge,
Thread, pin)

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Precision scale

cnc machine for mold making

Three-coordinate measurement
Machine (CMM)

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Impact, hardness, mold flow
Index test device

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Gauge block and pin

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3D scanner

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Profile projector

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And caliper array

Depth inspection report of each part

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Quality certification

Qingbat Technology’s quality management system has passed ISO 9001 certification. We also have manufacturing partners in our ecosystem, and these partners have obtained the following certifications::

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ISO 9001

Green Bat Technology provides certification for your order, including:

cnc machining parts service

Material certification

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Certificate of Conformity