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AM60B Magnesium

AM60B magnesium is a magnesium alloy. It is quite ductile in magnesium alloys.It has fairly low thermal conductivity and moderately low tensile strength.
Excellent energy absorption properties and excellent ductility.

AM50A vs AM60B

Slightly higher strength than AM50A, but other characteristics are similar. Applications for die cast alloys in the as-cast (F) condition include parts that require good ductility and toughness with reasonable yield and tensile properties (such as automotive wheels). It should only be used where good salt water resistance is not required.

In addition to high strength and casting properties, AM50 and AM60B also have excellent ductility and energy absorption properties; AM60B has relatively high tensile strength and is mostly used in car seat frames, instrument panels, brackets, steering wheels, etc.

Compared with AZ91 alloy, the strength is slightly lower, but the ductility and toughness are higher.

Characteristics of AM60B Magnesium

AM60B magnesium has good dent resistance: compared with other metals, magnesium alloy has higher deformation resistance, and the dent caused by impact is smaller than other metals.

AM60B Magnesium Absorption of Vibration and Shock: Magnesium alloy has good absorption performance of vibration energy, it can reduce vibration when used in driving and transmission parts. In addition, magnesium alloys with good impact energy absorption performance and better elongation than aluminum alloys can absorb impact energy without fracture after being impacted.

Unlike plastics, AM60B magnesium can be easily recycled without reducing its mechanical properties, while plastics are difficult to be recycled without reducing its mechanical properties. Compared with other metals, AM60B magnesium has a low melting point and a small specific heat, and the energy consumed during regeneration and melting is 4% of the energy consumed in the manufacture of new materials.

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