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AZ91D magnesium alloy

The products produced by magnesium alloy AZ91D are light in weight, die-casting can reach a tensile strength of about 290Mpa, and the thinnest can be die-casting 0.5 thick.
It is generally used for various shells for weight reduction.

AZ91D is a kind of metal material. Its material composition mainly contains about 9% aluminum, about 1% zinc, and about 90% magnesium content. AZ91D is a magnesium alloy material with a wide range of uses.

Magnesium alloy AZ91D mainly relies on pressure die casting, which is characterized by high specific strength and greatly improved corrosion resistance compared with pure magnesium.

AZ91D belongs to the cast magnesium alloy category. It is mainly processed by pressure die casting and post-processing. The appearance can be changed by surface methods such as electrophoresis. It is characterized by high specific strength and greatly improved corrosion resistance compared with pure magnesium. A represents metal aluminum Al, Z represents metal zinc Zn, 9 represents the content of aluminum is 9%, 1 represents the content of zinc is 1%,

AZ91D magnesium machining skills

Designers of structural components must be aware of the creep limitations of magnesium alloys—usually with increasing temperature, magnesium alloys' tensile strength, yield strength, and hardness decrease while ductility increases

In addition to environmental effects, the metallurgical structure of magnesium can also change over time and/or at elevated temperatures, which can affect mechanical properties

This aging effect is due to the casting being produced under rapid solidification conditions that do not allow the alloy to reach equilibrium (actually, the reaction between the alloy components is not yet complete)

Because creep is an important consideration for magnesium parts used at high temperatures, stress and operating time under peak and normal conditions should be understood

Magnesium alloy applications

Application of magnesium alloy in aerospace

Magnesium alloys are the lightest structural metal materials used in the aircraft, spacecraft and rocket and missile manufacturing industries.

Application of magnesium alloy in automobile

(1) Shell class. Such as clutch housing, valve cover, instrument panel, gearbox body, crankcase, engine front cover, cylinder head, air conditioner casing, etc.

(2) Bracket class. Such as steering wheel, steering bracket, brake bracket, seat frame, mirror bracket, distribution bracket, etc.

Application of magnesium alloy in digital SLR camera

Because of its low density and high strength, magnesium alloys have certain anti-corrosion properties, and are often used as the skeleton of SLR cameras. Generally, high-end and professional digital SLR cameras use magnesium alloy as the skeleton, which makes it durable and feels good.

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