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CYANBAT Shenzhen Cyanbat Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CYANBAT") specializes in the research and development of military electronic equipment structure and the research, manufacture and matching of component-level and system-level product liquid cooling and heat dissipation. Qingbat Technology has long-term cooperation with China's aviation, aerospace, naval, military and other military institutes and enterprises;

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When we first come into contact with the chassis shell industry, we must study it carefully, which is an intangible asset for the future.

With the development of high technology, the shell of sheet metal chassis is fully CNC operated. As a beginner, you must be patient and master the functions of CNC bending machines, CNC shearing machines and other machine equipment. It is necessary to study each process carefully, master each link to broaden one's knowledge, as a foreshadowing in the future, the saying that the predecessors always say "art does not overwhelm the body" is worth our continuous learning.

Cyanbat Co., Ltd.  is an enterprise specializing in the R&D, production and sales of cabinets. The company's main business: military reinforced chassis, military box, waterproof chassis shell, medical equipment shell, control box, meter box, chassis cabinet, chassis shell, aluminum insert box, U box, console, TV wall, sheet metal chassis shell, machine Processing parts and other products. Our requirements for ourselves are never slack, and the basic process requirements for the chassis shell:

1. In production, each employee and each process must be processed according to the drawings, craftsmanship and standards; when the drawings and craftsmanship do not conform to the craftsmanship, the craftsmanship shall prevail.

2. When the drawings and processes have tolerance marking requirements, they shall be processed according to the tolerance requirements.

3. If the drawings and processes do not have tolerances noted, they shall be processed according to GB/T 1804-92m.

4. When the dimensions and tolerances marked on the drawings are inconsistent with the dimensions and tolerances required by the process, process them according to the process requirements.

5. The cabinet shape is processed according to the positive tolerance of the allowable tolerance, and the chassis shape is processed according to the negative tolerance of the allowable tolerance.

6. The shape of the door is processed according to the negative tolerance of the allowable tolerance, and the positive tolerance is strictly prohibited.

7. Holes without tolerance requirements shall be processed according to the positive tolerance of GB/T 1804-92 m-level and on the upper side.

8. When process holes must be opened for all products due to electroplating or hot-dip galvanizing, the open process holes should be in an invisible position on the front of the product. For all kinds of aluminum alloy panels, when the shape is not specified with tolerance, it shall be processed according to the negative tolerance of GB/T 1804-92 f level and downward.

9. For the process sequence of bending after riveting, special care should be taken when arranging the process. If the edge is too small, the bending will interfere after riveting.

10. For parts with electroplating requirements, the technical specifications require that they need to be riveted after electroplating. If it is difficult to press riveting after bending, the process should indicate that auxiliary riveting tooling is required.

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