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In an increasingly competitive global market, strict management and correct use of a unified standard company logo will provide a more effective, clearer and more intimate market image.
A logo is a visual representation of information formed by people in their long-term life and practice. It has a certain meaning and can make people understand the visual graphics.

It has a concise, clear and clear visual transmission effect. It is a highly practical specialized subject, involving psychology, aesthetics, color science and other fields. After refining, abstracting and processing in life practice, it is concentrated in the form of graphics, and it expresses certain spiritual connotations, transmits specific information, and forms a visual language for people to communicate with each other. As a visual graphic to identify and convey information, the logo embodies the characteristics of the brand and the image of the enterprise with its simple and beautiful modeling language.


1. identifiable
Regarding the requirements for identification, it must be easy to identify and remember. This is to be done in terms of color and composition, and it must be simple.

2. specificity
The so-called specificity is to be different from other logos and have their own characteristics. Otherwise, the logo design is the same.

3. Intension
Designing a logo must have its own meaning, otherwise, no matter how beautiful or perfect it is, it is only beautiful in form, but has no meaning at all. This requires that the logo must have its own symbolic meaning.

4. Legal Awareness
Legal awareness of logos must be mindful of sensitive words, shapes and language.

5. Overall image planning (structural)
Different structures of the logo will give people different psychological awareness, just like the horizontal line gives people the feeling of being gentle, steady, continuous and calm, the vertical line gives people the feeling of high, straightforward, light and impetuous, and the point gives the feeling of Expansion or contraction, easy to attract people's attention, etc.

6. color
Color is one of the three basic elements of form (shape, color, and quality). Color is a basic subject that must be studied in the discipline of industrial design. Color research involves many disciplines such as physics, physiology, psychology, aesthetics and art theory.

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