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magnesium machining Precautions

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Magnesium alloy processing is so dangerous, you must pay special attention to it.

Magnesium alloy cutting processing technology

controls the cutting speed.

The generation of cutting heat increases in the same proportion as the cutting speed, so the cutting speed has a great influence on the cutting temperature. In actual work, the cutting heat generated by different cutting speeds will change the color of the surface oxide film of the chips. Therefore, the safe cutting speed can be estimated by the color of the magnesium alloy cutting oxide film at different cutting speeds.

Choose the cutting fluid correctly.

Unless the machine tool structure itself is restricted, the cutting fluid should always be adequately supplied during magnesium alloy cutting to reduce the chip temperature in a timely manner. Considering the chemical characteristics of magnesium, the choice of cutting fluid should avoid the use of combustible, strong oxidizing and high water content liquids, so as to prevent the coolant from burning or reacting with high temperature magnesium chips to ignite.

In addition, most of the lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, guideway oil, spindle oil, etc. used in the machine tool are flammable liquids, and the oil storage capacity is generally not small, so special inspections should be made before processing. Whether there is oil leakage or oil leakage at various positions of the machine tool, do it in advance Good prevention.

It is

strictly forbidden to use water, foam, carbon tetrachloride, and carbon dioxide fire extinguishing agents to extinguish a magnesium chip fire .

Class D fire extinguishers should be used for burnt metal magnesium chips. Such as 7150, D type dry powder, dry sand, etc., considering that 7150, D type dry powder fire extinguishers are not common in the domestic market, and dry sand damages machine tools (especially precision machine tools), 75% can be selected according to the actual situation. ~80% covering flux powder and 20%~25% sulfur powder are mixed to make a powdered flux and filled in a portable dry powder fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire. The effect is obvious.

When fighting a magnesium chip fire, keep a certain distance between the fire extinguisher nozzle and the burning magnesium chip to minimize the impact of the magnesium chip during the spraying process of the fire extinguisher and prevent the magnesium chip from spreading and forming an explosive mixture.