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Advantages and disadvantages of magnesium alloys

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Advantages and disadvantages of magnesium alloys being widely used;Magnesium alloys are widely used because they have the following advantages:

① The density is small, one third lighter than aluminum, and its specific strength (ratio of tensile strength to density) is higher than that of aluminum alloy;

② high fatigue limit;

③ Can withstand larger impact loads than aluminum alloys;

④Good thermal conductivity;

⑤Good castability; good dimensional stability;

⑦Easy to recycle;

⑧ Have good machinability;

⑨Has better vibration damping performance;

⑩It is superior to engineering plastics in many aspects and can replace engineering plastics; it has higher corrosion resistance in kerosene, gasoline, mineral oil and alkali.

The disadvantage of magnesium alloy is that it has poor corrosion resistance, even the corrosion resistance of casting alloy is worse than that of aluminum alloy, special protective solvent needs to be added during melting; special mixed sand is required to make sand mold.

In addition, although magnesium alloys have good impact toughness and fatigue strength, they are very sensitive to stress concentration; low yield point and small elastic coefficient also reduce the use value of magnesium alloys as structural materials.

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