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make smooth

Make smooth refers to a processing method that uses rough objects to change the physical properties of the material surface through friction.

Important steps

1. Sanding is to use sandpaper, pumice, fine stone powder and other friction media to rub the surface of the object to be coated or the coating film, which is called grinding.

It is an important step in the coating process. It is generally manual work, and can also be carried out by pneumatic or electric equipment.

Make smooth runs through the entire coating process. Not only the white blank, the primer or the putty need to be polished, but also after the topcoat is applied.

Its function is to remove burrs, rust, oil and dust on the surface of the substrate; remove coarse particles and impurities on the surface of the coating to obtain a smooth surface; the smooth coating surface should be polished to a certain roughness to enhance the adhesion of the coating. focus. Divided into dry sanding and wet sanding, the latter is lubricated with water or other humectants to obtain a smoother surface and wash off the grinding powder.

2. To make smooth is to use a machine to polish off the original text on the shell of the part, and then polish it.

3. Approximate "polishing". In fact, the artificial is the same, the difference lies in the thickness of the abrasive used, the smaller the number, the finer the particle size, the larger the number, the coarser, 8000# is the thinnest. Grind and polish the jade, use the coarser to grind, and the fine-polished jade is very bright.

Polished glass, precious stones, jade, stainless steel, stone, can achieve a mirror effect.

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