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parts sandblasting

The process of cleaning and roughening the surface of the substrate by the impact of high-speed sand flow.
Using compressed air as the power to form a high-speed jet beam to spray the spray material (copper ore sand, quartz sand, emery, iron sand, Hainan sand) to the surface of the workpiece to be treated at a high speed, so that the appearance or shape of the outer surface of the workpiece surface changes. , due to the impact and cutting effect of the abrasive on the surface of the workpiece,

The surface of the workpiece can obtain a certain degree of cleanliness and different roughness,

The mechanical properties of the surface of the workpiece are improved, so the fatigue resistance of the workpiece is improved, the adhesion between it and the coating is increased, the durability of the coating film is prolonged, and it is also conducive to the leveling and decoration of the coating.

Scope of application

(1) The coating of the workpiece and the sandblasting before the workpiece bonding can remove all dirt such as rust on the surface of the workpiece, and establish a very important basic schema (the so-called rough surface) on the surface of the workpiece, and can By exchanging abrasives with different particle sizes, for example, the abrasives of Feizhan abrasives can achieve different degrees of roughness, which greatly improves the bonding force between the workpiece and the paint and plating. Or make the bonding parts more firm and better in quality.

(2) Cleaning and polishing of rough surfaces of castings and workpieces after heat treatment Sandblasting can clean all contaminants (such as oxide scale, oil and other residues) on the surfaces of castings and forgings and workpieces after heat treatment, and polish the surface of workpieces to improve the smoothness of workpieces , can make the workpiece reveal a uniform and consistent metal color, so that the appearance of the workpiece is more beautiful and good-looking.

(3) Burr cleaning and surface beautification of machined parts Sandblasting can clean the tiny burrs on the surface of the workpiece, make the surface of the workpiece more flat, eliminate the harm of burrs, and improve the grade of the workpiece. And sandblasting can make small rounded corners at the junction of the workpiece surface, making the workpiece more beautiful and more precise.

(4) Improve the mechanical properties of the parts. After sandblasting, the mechanical parts can produce uniform and fine uneven surfaces on the surface of the parts, so that the lubricating oil can be stored, thereby improving the lubrication conditions, reducing noise and improving the service life of the machine.

(5) Lighting effect For some special-purpose workpieces, sandblasting can achieve different reflections or matts at will. Such as the grinding of stainless steel workpieces and plastics, the polishing of jade articles, the mattization of the surface of wooden furniture, the pattern of frosted glass surfaces, and the textured processing of cloth surfaces.

preprocessing stage

The pretreatment stage of the sandblasting process refers to the treatment that should be carried out on the surface of the workpiece before the workpiece is sprayed and sprayed with a protective layer.

The quality of the pre-treatment of the sandblasting process affects the adhesion, appearance, moisture resistance and corrosion resistance of the coating. If the pretreatment work is not done well, the rust will continue to spread under the coating, causing the coating to fall off in pieces.

The surface that has been carefully cleaned and the workpiece that is generally cleaned simply can be compared with the coating by the exposure method, and the lifespan can be 4-5 times different.

There are many methods of surface cleaning, but the most commonly accepted methods are: solvent cleaning, pickling, hand tools, power tools.

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