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Sheet metal chassis shell material

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What is the production and processing material of sheet metal chassis shell? What are the most commonly used materials? Today,

I will talk with you about several types of materials commonly used in the production and processing of sheet metal chassis shells

1. General cold rolled sheet SPCC
SPCC refers to the continuous cold rolling of steel castings into the required thin hot-rolled strips or thick steel plates with a cold rolling mill. SPCC has no surface maintenance. When exposed to the air, it is very easy to be oxidized, especially in wet and cold conditions, the air oxidation rate is accelerated, and dark red rust occurs. The surface of the sheet metal car chassis shell should be sprayed, electroplated or otherwise maintained during the production process.
2. Stainless steel plate SUS301
The chromium content is less than SUS304, and the corrosion resistance is poor. However, after cold drawing, good tensile strength and strength can be obtained in the whole process of die casting, and it has good ductility. Suitable for spring leaf torsion spring and interference signal maintenance.

Hot-dip galvanized steel coil is a semi-finished processed steel coil after hot rolling, pickling passivation or hot rolling. After the thick steel plate is cleaned and quenched, it is infiltrated into the zinc solution at 460 ° C, and the zinc layer is applied, and then heat treatment, quenching, and organic chemical solution are carried out. SGCC material is harder than secco material, has poor plasticity (to prevent deep drawing design scheme), thick zinc layer and poor forgeability.
4. Stainless steel plate SUS304
Stainless steel is the most commonly used steel because of its nickel content, its corrosion resistance and temperature resistance are better than manganese-containing steels. Has good physical properties, no heat treatment process hardening condition, no elasticity.
5. Galvanized sheet
After degreasing, pickling passivation, electroplating process and various post-processing treatments on the continuous electro-galvanizing production line, the high-precision sheet metal chassis shell becomes a phosphating product.

SECC not only has the physical properties and similar production characteristics of ordinary cold-rolled sheets, but also has good corrosion resistance and decorative art appearance. Sheet metal chassis shell processing has extreme competitiveness and substitutability in the electronic equipment, electrical products and home furnishing markets.

Posted by: cyanbat    Release time: : 2022-06-11

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