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silk screen

During printing, through the extrusion of the scraper, the ink is transferred to the substrate through the mesh of the graphic part to form the same graphic as the original.
Screen printing is to stretch silk fabric, synthetic fiber fabric or metal mesh on the screen frame, and use the method of hand-carved paint film or photochemical plate making to make screen printing plate.

Modern screen printing technology uses photosensitive materials to make screen printing plates by means of photo-engraving (making the screen holes in the graphic part of the screen printing plate a through hole, while the screen holes in the non-graphic part are blocked live).

basic introduction

Screen printing equipment is simple, easy to operate, easy to print and plate making, low cost, and strong adaptability. Screen printing applications are widely used in common prints: color oil paintings, posters, business cards, binding covers, commodity signs and printing and dyeing textiles, etc.

In terms of environmental protection, silk screen printing is a polluting process. First, the plate-making process produces developer solution, the ink used produces ink buckets, and cleaning waste water or waste rags are produced during cleaning.

The principle of screen printing

Screen printing consists of five elements, namely screen printing plate, squeegee, ink, printing table and substrate.

The basic principle of screen printing is to use the basic principle that the mesh of the graphic part of the screen printing plate is transparent to the ink, and the mesh of the non-graphic part is impermeable to the ink. When printing, pour ink on one end of the screen printing plate, apply a certain pressure to the ink part of the screen printing plate with a scraper, and move to the other end of the screen printing plate at the same time.

The ink is squeezed onto the substrate by the scraper from the mesh of the graphic part during the movement.

Due to the viscosity of the ink, the imprint is fixed within a certain range. During the printing process, the squeegee is always in line contact with the screen printing plate and the substrate, and the contact line moves with the movement of the squeegee. A certain gap is maintained between them, so that the screen printing plate during printing generates a reaction force to the squeegee through its own tension. This reaction force is called rebound force.

Due to the effect of resilience, the screen printing plate and the substrate are only in moving line contact, while other parts of the screen printing plate and the substrate are separated.

The ink and the screen are broken, which ensures the printing dimensional accuracy and avoids smearing of the substrate. When the scraper scrapes the entire layout and lifts, the screen printing plate is also lifted, and the ink is gently scraped back to the original position. So far it is a printing trip.

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