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spray paint

A processing method in which paint is atomized by a spray gun and applied to the surface of an object.
Spraying is a coating method that is dispersed into uniform and fine droplets by means of pressure or centrifugal force through a spray gun or disc atomizer and applied to the surface of the object to be coated.

It can be divided into air spraying, airless spraying, electrostatic spraying and various derivatives of the above-mentioned basic spraying forms, such as high-flow and low-pressure atomizing spraying, thermal spraying, automatic spraying, multi-group spraying, etc.


A processing method in which paint is atomized by a spray gun and applied to the surface of an object. There are many kinds of compressed air spray painting, high pressure airless spray painting and electrostatic spray painting. Painting operations use flammable paints that contain large amounts of solvents, and solvent vapors that evaporate into the air under conditions that require rapid drying can easily form explosive mixtures.

In particular, electrostatic spraying is carried out under a high voltage of more than 60 kV, and the distance between the spray nozzle and the painted workpiece is less than 250 mm, which is prone to spark discharge, which will ignite flammable vapors.

At present, there are four main types: arc spraying, flame spraying, plasma spraying and explosive spraying. Using spraying technology, coatings with wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat insulation, electrical conductivity, insulation, sealing, lubrication and other special mechanical physical and chemical properties can be obtained on various substrates. The application range is very wide, involving all sectors of the national economy and various fields including cutting-edge technology.

Classification of spraying methods

hand spray

Through the front-line operators, the surface of the product is directly sprayed with oil, and now it is currently used for manual spraying of defective products after automatic spraying.

Fully automatic spraying

Fix the product that needs to be sprayed on the rotatable bracket, and then lock the bracket on the assembly line. Through the movement of the assembly line and the continuous rotation of the rotatable bracket, 100% evenly sprayed on the surface of the product.


The spraying operation has high production efficiency and is suitable for manual operation and industrial automation production. It has a wide range of applications, mainly in the fields of hardware, plastics, furniture, military industry, ships, etc. It is the most commonly used painting method today; the spraying operation requires environmental requirements There are dust-free workshops ranging from one million to one hundred. The spraying equipment includes spray guns, spray booths, paint supply rooms, curing ovens/drying furnaces, spraying workpiece conveying equipment, fog elimination and waste water, waste gas treatment equipment, etc.

The main problem in spraying is the highly dispersed paint mist and volatilized solvent, which not only pollutes the environment, is not conducive to human health, but also wastes paint and causes economic losses.

High-flow and low-pressure atomizing spraying is characterized by low atomizing air pressure and low air jet velocity, and the low atomized paint running speed improves the rebound of the paint from the surface of the coating.

The paint rate is increased from 30% to 40% of ordinary air spraying to 65% to 85%. In light leather finishing, spray the finish on the leather surface with a spray gun or sprayer.

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