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ZK61m Magnesium

As a high-strength magnesium alloy, ZK61M magnesium alloy material has a specific strength that exceeds the high-strength 7075 aluminum alloy.
At present, the magnesium alloy grades that are widely used in the market are AZ31B and AZ91D, and the magnesium alloy grades of ZK61M have not had much movement in the market.

However, the most widely used magnesium alloy grade in the military industry is ZK61M. Many people want to know what the chemical composition of the magnesium alloy in ZK61M is and the characteristics of this ZK61M grade.

The characteristics of ZK61M magnesium alloy are; its processed products can be used to manufacture some skins, wall panels and internal parts of aircraft, die forgings with complex shapes, and structural parts that require good corrosion resistance such as gasoline and lubrication systems. The economic benefits and performance improvements are very significant.

The same weight reduction of commercial aircraft and automobiles brings about fuel cost savings. The former is nearly 100 times that of the latter, and the fuel cost savings of fighter jets is nearly 10 times that of commercial aircraft. More importantly, The improvement of its maneuverability can greatly improve its combat effectiveness and survivability.

As a high-strength magnesium alloy, ZK61M magnesium alloy material has a specific strength that exceeds the high-strength 7075 aluminum alloy. As long as the key problems such as deformation and forming are solved, it is very likely to replace a considerable part of aluminum alloy products.

The field of lightweight materials has brought another revolution after aluminum alloys, but the magnesium alloy of ZK61M has poor plasticity, a relatively narrow hot working temperature range, and a large tendency to crack and edge cracking during hot rolling of slabs, making it difficult to produce rolled magnesium alloy sheets.

Therefore, how to prevent or reduce the cracking and cracking of the hot-rolled ZK61M alloy slab ingot is a difficult problem at present.

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