Ants division of labor and cooperation

Countless ants are united and can defeat elephants and lions that weigh tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of times larger than them. No matter how big the lion and the elephant are, they are also an individual, and they cannot fight as a team against ants.

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Ant spirit in the enterprise

Green Bat Technology is an extension of your team

From prototype to production, our manufacturing experts integrate into your workflow to seamlessly manage and accelerate your projects.

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Business Manager

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Customer Success Manager

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Technical Project Manager

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Technical Application Engineer

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Supplier Quality Engineer

Business Manager

Your account manager will guide you through the quotation phase. They will help collect your design requirements, request manufacturability feedback, and align your budget and schedule requirements with CYANBAT's manufacturing capabilities.

Support all your designs

During the quotation process, our technical application engineers are on standby at any time to provide expert guidance on design manufacturability to ensure that the parts you receive meet your specifications Require.

About our cooperation

Greenbat Technology enables sharing design files, selecting manufacturing requirements, reviewing pricing and DFM, and tracking all content changes in one place It has to be fast and easy.

Send 3D& 2D file

to our customer service WeChat.

Quickly get your product quotation

Choose your detailed requirements, view quotation feedback and compare pricing and delivery Time options.

Track the progress of your order

As your order progresses at each stage, get automatic status renew.