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Medical Equipment Manufacturing Service

Through rapid prototyping and on-demand production of medical components, enter the market faster and Simplify your supply chain

Why does CYANBAT Technology manufacture and process

Interaction design analysis

By making important design adjustments to the manufacturability feedback of each quotation, to save development time and cost.

Small batch production

Before and after the product is put on the market, you can get small batch production parts within 1 day at the earliest to simplify your supply chain.

Rapid prototyping

Create CNC die-casting processing in production-grade materials for functional and regulatory testing, or surface treatment and quality testing before medical procedures.

The head of motion and control technology, medical device engineers need to speed up development and reduce their robot exoskeleton Design risk.

The combination of digital manufacturing technology and automatic quotation enables a highly iterative design process without wasting time to market.

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Hundreds of high-quality parts for military equipment

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10 days production

Common medical applications

There are more than 20 metal materials to choose from between machined metal, die-cast metal and sheet metal, which can be used for medical parts. Instrumentation and other applications. Metals such as titanium and inconel have temperature resistance, while various stainless steel materials have corrosion resistance and strength.

Handheld device

Surgical instruments



Implantable prototype





Quality certification

Qingbat Technology’s quality management system has passed ISO 9001 certification. We also have manufacturing partners in our ecosystem, and these partners have obtained the following certifications::

ISO 9001

Green Bat Technology provides certification for your order, including:

Material certification

Certificate of Conformity