Military equipment
Manufacturing Service

We are familiar with the processing specifications of military products, and we have mature quality inspection equipment, Make every effort to provide customers with high-quality military structural products.

Military reinforced chassis

Foldable and expandable; good maintainability; high shielding

Communication equipment

Meet the requirements of national military standards and adapt to various harsh application environments

Military UAV structure

Adapt to airborne, shipborne, vehicle and ground station cabin environment requirements.

Golden Elephant Source

Heat conduction (heat conduction type), air cooling, heat conduction plus air cooling

Notebook all-in-one machine

Formed by integral milling on precision CNC machine tools

Why does CYANBAT Technology manufacture and process

Faster cycle time

With a few minutes of quotes and a few days of parts quotes, automotive engineers can use CYANBAT Technology to reduce cycle times by up to 50%.

10 times tighter tolerance

Green Bat Technology can process parts with tolerances as small as +/- 0.001 mm—compared to other leading services, the accuracy is increased by 10 times.

Industry-leading quality

High-quality services include material certification, qualification certificates, advanced inspection reports, etc.

Our quality commitment

  • Each order includes an inspection report
  • Perform a 100% visual inspection of each part
  • Strictly reviewed precision manufacturing partners
  • Provide material certification
  • Quality Assurance. If your parts are not manufactured to specifications, we will do the right thing.

The military manufacturing advantage of Greenbat Technology

Made in line with military standards

GJB 150A

GJB 150A military equipment laboratory environmental test method;


The installation form and basic dimensions of GJB441 airborne electronic equipment chassis and mounting frame;

GJB 779

GJB 779 General Specification for Airborne Electronic Equipment Cases and Mounting Frames;

GJB 780

The basic dimensions of the mounting frame and accessories for GJB 780 airborne electronic equipment;