Military equipment Manufacturing

We are familiar with the processing specifications and standards of military products, and have mature quality testing equipment, and strive to provide customers with high-quality military structural products.

Why choose us to manufacture

faster cycle times

With quotes in minutes and parts in days, automotive engineers can reduce cycle times by up to 50 percent using cyanbat Technology.

10 times tighter tolerances

cyanbat can process parts with tolerances as small as +/- 0.001 mm - 10 times more accurate than other leading services.

Industry leading quality

High-quality services include material certification, certificate of conformity, advanced inspection report, etc.

Manufacturing of military chassis

Our Quality Commitment

Inspection report included with every order; 100% visual inspection of every part; rigorously vetted precision manufacturing partners; material certification; quality assurance. If your part isn't built to spec, we'll do it right.

Manufactured to military standards

GJB 150A Laboratory Environmental Test Methods for Military Equipment; GJB441 Airborne Electronic Equipment Chassis and Mounting Frame Installation Forms and Basic Dimensions; GJB 779 Airborne Electronic Equipment Cabinets and Mounting Frames General Specifications; GJB 780 Airborne Electronic Equipment Mounting Frames and Their Mounting Frames the basic dimensions of the attachment;

Manufacturing of military chassis