What we do in the military field

CYANBAT Technology is not just a digital platform. Our technical manufacturing and quality experts are eager to help in the entire process from quotation to fulfillment, ensuring that you get the parts you need when you need it.

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ISO9001 military industry standard certification

Our capabilities in the military field

Our experience

We are familiar with the processing specifications and standards of military products, and we have mature quality testing equipment, and strive to provide customers with high-quality military structural products.

We have it

It has the processing and manufacturing process capabilities of CNC machining, vacuum brazing, vacuum electron beam welding, vacuum diffusion welding and other processes involved in the product manufacturing process

Military products in harsh environments

For the surface treatment of military products, we have high-demand spraying, electrical equipment and other technological capabilities, and strictly follow the military equipment quality system.

As the trend of aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy continues to promote innovation, lightweight companies are turning to green bats Technology accelerates the development of new products and brings them to market faster.

With the help of rapid digital manufacturing and automated manufacturability feedback, at the same time, we will develop a more responsive supply chain to better respond to the demand for more customized magnesium alloy products from military products

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Hundreds of high-quality parts for military equipment

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The military manufacturing advantage of CYANBAT Technology

Made in line with military standards

GJB 150A

GJB 150A military equipment laboratory environmental test method;


The installation form and basic dimensions of GJB441 airborne electronic equipment chassis and mounting frame;

GJB 779

GJB 779 General Specification for Airborne Electronic Equipment Cases and Mounting Frames;

GJB 780

The basic dimensions of the mounting frame and accessories for GJB 780 airborne electronic equipment;


Quality certification

Qingbat Technology’s quality management system has passed ISO 9001 certification. We also have manufacturing partners in our ecosystem, and these partners have obtained the following certifications::

ISO 9001

Green Bat Technology provides certification for your order, including:

Material certification

Certificate of Conformity