Magnesium surface

Surface Treatment Technology
  • 2020-07-20 20:00:12

Surface Treatment Technology

It represents the surface treatment technology commonly used in modern industry, such as: electroplating, oxidation, lithium plating, electrophoresis, painting, electrostatic adsorption, etc.,

and the use of magnesium alloy materials is not all very effective. There are often: Difficulties such as low yield, high cost, uncontrollable quality and so on. We have mature technology in magnesium alloy surface treatment. In recent years,

our R&D personnel have focused on key and difficult points. Refining the existing difficulties of magnesium alloy materials: material performance control, low potential difference of magnesium alloy. Starting from these two points, we have overcome many difficulties in surface treatment of magnesium alloys.

At this stage, we provide a variety of surface treatment methods, which can be used for civilian low-cost surface treatment, and also provide high-end military-grade three-proof surface treatment technology