Magnesium processing program

Magnesium Alloy CNC Machining Scheme
  • 2020-07-20 20:00:12

Magnesium Alloy CNC Machining Scheme

First, magnesium alloy is flammable and explosive, and its ignition point is extremely low-it is basically on the verge of danger if it is higher than 600 degrees Celsius.

Two options: processing environment and fire fighting. The processing environment refers to the control of the cutting and cooling system during processing. The coolant should be a professional water-based professional product with a large proportion of high fluidity, which will greatly reduce the risk rate. As for the cutting, green bats currently use the misty high-pressure mixed cutting plan. This plan has been verified by actual production, not only the cutting effect is excellent, but the surface quality is also guaranteed. Magnesium alloy processing fire protection must be guaranteed, and fire-fighting sand is an essential fire-fighting product in the production workshop.

Second, magnesium alloy machining deep holes and complex internal cavity workpieces. For such products, choosing the correct processing method and the use of suitable tools will have satisfactory results. At present, the knives we use include Swiss Fraisa, South Korea YG and other professional magnesium alloy knives. Reasonable use of professional knives will greatly improve production efficiency and product quality.