Functional test and working prototype

Make a working functional prototype to test the shape, fit and function of the part to prove and perfect your design

Test in real environment The function of the part

Functional testing is the most basic working prototype constructed to verify the product design. In addition, it is an integral part of the process of assembly, testing, piloting, and market research to evaluate design, materials, strength, tolerances, assembly, working mechanisms, and manufacturability.

Functional testing uses a variety of prototyping techniques and engineering-grade materials to manufacture. It is a substitute for finished products and allows inspection and testing of form, suitability, and function under extreme working conditions. To improve the design.

Functional test used to simulate the final product

@ Use production-grade materials to create functional prototypes, which truly simulate the mechanical function, chemical resistance, and thermal performance of the final product. Before showing its performance.

@ Create working prototypes for complex components to check the shape and suitability of the components and ensure the accuracy of pre-assembled parts.

@ Produce high-precision functional prototypes to measure, compare, or check design errors, dimensional differences, and acceptable tolerances.

@ Supports functional optical prototypes for optical development engineering testing, including optical transmission and refractive index.

@Add metal inserts, movable hinges, and simulated overmolding processes to functional prototype parts to simulate and Verify the functionality of the finished product.

@Realistic functional prototypes help show the aesthetics and functionality of the final product. It provides design scalability.

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At CYANBAT Technology, we provide you with solutions to create accurate and detailed functional prototypes for fast, economical and low-risk product testing and evaluation. With advanced rapid prototyping technology, we can turn your design into reality within a few days. We provide expert advice covering the starting point of testing, assembly, functionality or downstream manufacturing services.

Therefore, you can obtain comprehensive design verification in functional testing and implement full-scale production with confidence. Functional prototype manufacturing technology includes CNC machining, vacuum reshaping, rapid aluminum forming, etc.

Three coordinates

The basic principle of a three-coordinate measuring machine is to put the measured part into the range of the measurement space it allows, and accurately measure the point on the surface of the measured part The values ​​of the three coordinate positions in the space,

The coordinate values ​​of these points are processed by a computer and fitted to form measurement elements, such as circles, spheres, cylinders, cones, curved surfaces, etc., through mathematical calculations Get its shape, position tolerance and other geometric data.

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Two-dimensional element

The high-precision granite base, column and beam ensure extremely high stability and precision

Imported high-precision P-level linear guide, precision silent grinding screw, high precision, accurate positioning

Automatic capture and measurement function

Select the corresponding drawing command, the software intelligently and accurately automatically draws the line, circle and other primitives in the real-time image of the workpiece. This drawing method is better than the naked eye. It is more accurate and faster, and avoids human error.

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Height measuring instrument

For online or batch inspection, it can measure height, depth, groove width, inner and outer diameter, hole center distance, axis distance, flatness, perpendicularity, etc.

Maximum perpendicularity error: 10μm Repeat accuracy: plane ±2μm, round hole ±3μm.

Measuring range: 415mm/16in Accuracy (full range): (2.5+4*L) μm (L in m)

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Magnesium alloy processing process, military product manufacturing

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Choose the right prototype partner

An engineering team with expertise in different manufacturing processes.

Using CNC precision machining, rapid machining and injection molding technology to provide test parts similar to end-use products

Assist in CAD design review to ensure compliance with predetermined production requirements before prototyping or manufacturing.

Solve engineering challenges by providing optimal component design recommendations based on material, process, and precision requirements.