Visual Presentation

Commercialize your invention or idea with a visual demonstration, let's discuss how you can use a look prototype to demonstrate the ergonomics of your design!

Manufacturing of military chassis
Manufacturing of military chassis
Manufacturing of military chassis

What is a visual prototype?

Visual/look prototypes help demonstrate the shape, size, color and texture of the final product. This visual touch component has the look and feel of a real product.

If a conceptual prototype is like a rough 3D sketch, a visual prototype is like a realistic 3D rendering. Often, the latter aids in product presentation, combining aesthetics and functionality. It also shows the viability of the product before it hits the market.

The commercial value of the exterior prototype

Exterior prototypes are helpful for presentation to stakeholders, including leadership, customers and investors, or for trade show and marketing photos for product licensing. It also engages with customers on focus testing, product expectations, and assesses their reactions to the early design stages of the product.

The best solution for exterior prototypes

Choose die casting manufacturing? Or CNC precision machining? Whatever your needs, Bluebat can support your business with best-in-class prototyping technology. From CAD data to physical prototypes quickly delivered to you and your team. A full team of engineers and project managers can oversee design, aesthetic and functional verification.