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Chassis and cabinet sheet metal machining

Chassis and cabinet sheet metal fabrication process, including many steps from cutting and bending to surface preparation, assembly and more.
Usually, the process from chassis and cabinet sheet metal to metal products starts with CAD drawing. After the drawing is completed, various parts are made through the sheet metal manufacturing process. The most common processing methods are as follows.

Chassis cabinet thermal cutting

Laser cutting is the first choice for cutting chassis cabinet sheets, it is a very fast and precise cutting method that ensures good results. For thicker case cabinet materials, plasma cutting can also be used, although the quality of laser cutting is better.

Chassis Cabinet Mechanical Cutting

Chassis cabinet shearing or die cutting refers to the process of cutting sheet metal without burning or melting it, essentially not much different from cutting clothing with scissors. During the shearing process, the punch presses the workpiece against the fixed die or blade, and the gap between the two prevents the workpiece from passing through, thereby completing the shearing.


Chassis Cabinet Stamping

Stamping is another method of cutting holes in the cabinet, using a metal punch to punch the plate, which is suitable for mass production, but not very cost-effective for small batch production.


Chassis cabinet bending

Due to the complexity of bending, this can be the most difficult step in metal fabrication for chassis cabinet sheet metal fabrication, and engineers must be very familiar with the bending properties of metal. Most press brakes have certain restrictions on bending:

Unilateral height: the size of the bending machine and the height of the upper knife, the solution can be multi-sided and large-angle bending. Bilateral height: not greater than the maximum height of one side, in addition to all restrictions on the height of one side, it is also limited by the bottom side: bending height 

Chassis cabinet assembly

Chassis and cabinet assembly is usually the last or penultimate step in product completion. If the assembly includes welding, it must be ensured that the parts of the chassis and cabinet are clean. If the parts have been powder coated, they are usually assembled using other methods such as riveting and bolting.

Chassis Cabinet Powder Coating (Surface Treatment)

Powder coating in chassis and cabinet sheet metal processing is the process of applying electrostatic powder to charged metal parts. It is the preferred surface preparation method when there are no special requirements (such as acidic environments).

Contact information of chassis and cabinet manufacturer Yuanxin Electric

Introduction to the custom-made process of the chassis and cabinet

Chassis cabinet processing custom-made real shot sturdy and durable specifications and dimensions complete materials

The internal structure of the chassis cabinet shows the manufacturer's real shot specifications, dimensions, materials, and materials can be customized

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