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What are the reasons for choosing aluminum enclosures?

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Aluminum shell is an aluminum product obtained by extrusion process, which is different from cast aluminum shell, but the difference in process is different.

The field of aluminum casing is now more and more widely used. At present, the aluminum product market is divided into sub-sectors, and the aluminum profile casing is mostly in the field of electronic consumption. Such as electromechanical shell, power shell, lamp shell, controller shell, instrument shell, etc. So what are the reasons for choosing aluminum casing? Next is the introduction of Zhongyilong Xiaobian.

Aluminum has low density, good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and light reflection properties. Aluminum has good corrosion resistance. Aluminum and various aluminum alloys have good ductility and can be processed in various plastics. Aluminum has low melting point and good casting properties. It can obtain cast aluminum alloy with good casting properties or deformed aluminum alloy with good processing plasticity.

Aluminium profiles are non-ferromagnetic, an important property for the electrical and electronic industries. Aluminium profiles are not self-igniting, which is important for applications involving handling or contact with flammable and explosive materials.

Aluminum is divided into non-heat-treatable-strengthened aluminum and heat-treatable-strengthened aluminum. Non-heat-treatable-strengthened aluminum cannot improve mechanical properties through heat treatment, but can only be strengthened through cold working deformation.

The aluminum casing has good performance, high precision, energy saving and environmental protection, and enjoys a high reputation in the domestic and foreign markets; the product quality has been steadily improved, and the product standard level has been in the international advanced ranks.

After the aluminum shell is welded, the general workpiece can be cleaned by simple methods such as hot water flushing or steam blowing. The aluminum shell is beautiful and has good heat dissipation, which can avoid the phenomenon of poor grounding continuity caused by poor contact, and can withstand any joint surface or structural gap through the shell.

When the manufactured items are exposed to high temperatures for a long time, aluminum alloys are used. Work hardening can be used to improve the hardness and strength of the workpiece during processing, but it will reduce the plasticity. Cold working is suitable for processing metal parts with small section size and high requirements on processing size and surface roughness.

The aluminum shell has the characteristics of light weight, low cost, uniform force, and not easy to corrode. The most important thing is that the heat dissipation of aluminum alloy is better than that of other materials.

The above reasons for choosing aluminum casings are shared here. In addition, aluminum has a good price/performance ratio. Compared with copper and other non-ferrous metals, it has more price advantages. Compared with copper and other non-ferrous metals, copper is four times more expensive than aluminum. With the development of electrolytic aluminum technology, the price of aluminum will have indisputable advantages in the future. And the recycling value of aluminum is quite high.

Posted by: cyanbat    Release time: : 2022-06-16

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