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The composition of CNC machine tools

CNC machine tools are automated equipment integrating machine tools, computers, motors, and drag, motion control, detection and other technologies.

The basic components of CNC machine tools include control medium, CNC device, servo system, feedback device and machine body

1. Control medium

The control medium is the medium that stores the position information of all the moving tools relative to the workpiece required for CNC machining. It records the machining program of the part. Therefore, the control medium refers to the information carrier that transmits the machining information of the part to the CNC device. There are many forms of control media, which vary with the type of numerical control device, commonly used are punched tape, punched card, magnetic tape, magnetic disk and so on. With the development of numerical control technology, punched tapes and punched cards tend to be eliminated, and the method of using CAD/CAM software to program in the computer, and then communicating with the numerical control system through the computer, the method of directly transmitting the program and data to the numerical control device is more and more widely used .

2. Numerical control device

The numerical control device is the core of the numerical control machine tool, which is called the "central system". Modern CNC machine tools use computer numerical control device CNC. The numerical control device includes an input device, a central processing unit (CPU) and an output device, etc. The numerical control device can complete the input, storage, transformation, interpolation operation of information and realize various control functions.

3. Servo system

The servo system is the driving component that receives the instructions of the numerical control device and drives the movement of the machine tool actuator. Including spindle drive unit, feed drive unit, spindle motor and feed motor, etc. When working, the servo system accepts the command information of the numerical control system, and compares it with the position and speed feedback signals according to the requirements of the command information, and drives the moving parts of the machine tool or executes the actions of the parts to process parts that meet the requirements of the drawings.

4. Feedback device

The feedback device is composed of measuring elements and corresponding circuits. Its function is to detect the speed and displacement, and feed back the information to form a closed-loop control. Some CNC machine tools with low precision requirements and no feedback device are called open-loop systems.

5. Machine body

The machine body is the entity of the CNC machine tool, and it is the mechanical part that completes the actual cutting process. It includes the bed, the base, the worktable, the saddle, and the spindle.

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