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How to choose industrial control chassis

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In our production field, various machinery and equipment are used a lot, and the actual production efficiency is also very good.

Among them, the typical representative is the industrial control chassis, which is often used especially in some harsh environments. So how to choose an industrial control chassis? The following Xiaobian from Zhongyilong will introduce you to this problem.

How to choose an industrial control chassis:

1. Material: The high-quality industrial control chassis is made of (electrolytically) galvanized steel plate, while the inferior industrial control chassis is made of steel plates of unknown origin, which are directly sprayed and installed. The high-quality industrial control chassis has high deformation resistance and corrosion resistance. Good performance characteristics, inferior quality is low cost, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance are poor.

2. Handle: When the industrial control chassis is equipped with accessories, its weight is nearly 20 kilograms. At this time, the handle of the industrial control chassis is very important. The handle of the high-quality industrial control chassis is made of high-pressure cast aluminum. The advantage of preventing smooth metal surfaces from easily falling out of the hands, while the inferior case handles are made of plastic or very thin aluminum materials.

3. Conductivity: Whether the material of the industrial control chassis is conductive is related to the safety of the computer accessories inside the chassis. If the selected chassis material is non-conductive, the static electricity that may be generated cannot be conducted from the bottom of the chassis to the ground. Seriously It may also cause the hard disks and boards inside the chassis to burn out; if you want to know whether it is conductive to test with an electricity meter, the electricity measuring needles are placed on both sides of the chassis board. Indicates that this case is non-conductive and is painted directly on the steel plate.

4. Vibration resistance: When the industrial control chassis is working, the optical drive, hard disk, and multiple fans in the chassis will vibrate at high speed, and the vibration can easily lead to misreading of the disc, damage to the hard disk track, and loss of data. , so the shock resistance of the chassis is also a key structural design scheme of our chassis, and the chassis shock absorption system is all made of metal materials.

5. Thermal conductivity: The heat dissipation of the industrial control chassis is very important. It determines whether the computer can work normally. Excessive temperature will lead to system instability and accelerate the aging of parts. The current effective chassis heat dissipation solution is to use interactive The heat dissipation channel structure dissipates heat, and the chassis fan adopts a ball fan, which has the advantages of large air volume, high speed, low heat generation, long life, low noise, avoiding excessive noise, and truly realizing "green" heat dissipation.

6. Material thickness: The quality of the materials mentioned above should be good. At the same time, the thickness of the materials should also be paid attention to. It is not good if it is too thick or too thin. The thickness of the steel plate of the high-quality industrial control chassis is generally about 1.0-1.2mm, while the inferior industrial control chassis not only uses poor materials , The steel plate is also very thin. Usually the thickness of the box is also about 0.8mm. If you want to identify the thickness, you only need to lift the chassis and look at the weight.

7. Electromagnetic shielding: Electromagnetic radiation will cause harm to the human body. When our computer host is working, the main board, CPU, memory and various boards will generate a large amount of electromagnetic radiation, so it is necessary to shield the electromagnetic radiation from the chassis, and the shielding is good. The chassis can also effectively block external radiation interference to ensure that the internal parts of the computer are not affected by external radiation.

8. Appearance structure: The appearance and structure of high-quality industrial control chassis are carefully designed. Manufacturers will choose a reasonable structure, safe and convenient to use for mass production after repeated tests, while the appearance of inferior chassis is relatively rough, and most of them are They all imitate and plagiarize high-quality chassis, regardless of whether they conform to the internal structure of their own chassis, causing many problems in use.

9. Internal structure: The high-quality industrial control chassis has good materials and reasonable appearance design. The manufacturing process of the industrial control chassis also directly reflects its quality. Edge, structural strengthening, front and rear, left and right redundancy, and motherboard hole redundancy will be used. For inferior chassis, it is possible that the bottom plate tray and the rear baffle are stamped at one time.

The above selection methods of industrial control chassis are shared here. In addition, when choosing an industrial control chassis, it can be comprehensively considered according to the function and model. Usually, the selection of industrial control chassis still needs to consider your own actual needs to choose different The model, considering the function of the product, etc., can better utilize the use of the chassis and be more efficient.

Posted by: cyanbat    Release time: : 2022-06-16

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