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Magnesium machining Considerations

There are two main problems in the processing of magnesium alloys: the low ignition point and the slow heat dissipation of the processing will cause the phenomenon of blue burning.
The following points should be paid attention to when processing magnesium alloys:

(1) Keep the knives sharp, the front and rear corners are of appropriate size, and avoid using blunt, curled or chipped knives;

(2) Use strong cutting with large feed to form thick chips and avoid small feed;

(3) When the feed amount is small, use mineral oil for cooling to reduce heat generation

(4) At the end of cutting, the tool should be retracted immediately, otherwise the workpiece will continue to rotate to form small chips that are easy to catch fire;

(5) Try not to use cutting fluid, especially water-soluble cutting fluid;

(6) In the occasion of high-speed cutting where fine chips are generated, compressed air or carbon dioxide gas can be blown;

(7) The machine tools near the processing machinery should be kept dry;

(8) Clean the chips frequently and store them in steel drums with lids;

(9) Sand or other hard objects adhering to the casting should be removed before machining;

(10) Avoid sparks caused by the tool hitting the steel insert;

(11) Smoke and fire are not allowed to approach the processing area;

(12) It is not allowed to accumulate chips on the machine tool or work clothes, dust and chips should be removed frequently and kept in a labeled flame-retardant container with a lid;

(13) Ensure adequate fire-fighting facilities are available where the operator can reach.

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