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High-end precision CNC machining technology

The application of CNC technology has brought about qualitative changes in the traditional manufacturing industry, especially in recent years.
The development of microelectronic technology and computer technology has brought new vitality to numerical control technology.

CNC technology and CNC equipment are important foundations for industrial modernization in various countries.

CNC machine tools are the mainstream equipment of modern manufacturing industry, the necessary equipment for precision machining, an important symbol reflecting the technical level of modern machine tools and the technological level of modern machinery manufacturing industry, and a strategic material related to the national economy and people's livelihood, and the construction of cutting-edge national defense.

Therefore, all industrialized countries in the world have taken major measures to develop their own numerical control technology and their industries.

What is CNC machining

CNC, which means "computer data control", simply means "CNC machining". In the Pearl River Delta region, people call it "computer gong".

CNC machining is an advanced machining technology in today's machinery manufacturing. It is an automatic machining method with high efficiency, high precision and high flexibility.

It is to input the CNC program of the workpiece to be machined to the machine tool, and the machine tool automatically processes the workpiece that meets people's wishes under the control of these data to produce wonderful products.

CNC machining technology can effectively solve complex, precise, small batch and changeable machining problems like molds, and fully meet the needs of modern production. Vigorously developing CNC machining technology has become an important way for my country to accelerate the development of economy and improve the ability of independent innovation.

At present, the use of CNC machine tools in my country is becoming more and more common, and being able to master CNC machine tool programming is an important way to give full play to its functions.

CNC machine tool is a typical mechatronic product. It integrates various advanced technologies such as microelectronic technology, computer technology, measurement technology, sensor technology, automatic control technology and artificial intelligence technology, and is closely integrated with machining technology. A generation of mechanical manufacturing technology equipment.

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