Product quality inspection

Product quality inspection

Project information

  • Creation date 2020-07-22 10:18:22
  • Main industry Military, aviation, medical, communication electronics
  • Processed products Magnesium alloy products
  • Processing type cnc die casting processing
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Project Introduction

product quality testing is based on the contract and relevant inspection standards or the applicant's requirements, using human senses, chemical, physical and other methods to test and identify the various characteristics of the product's use value.

The purpose is to judge and determine whether the quality of the product meets the product quality conditions stipulated in the contract. Quality inspection includes inspection of appearance quality and internal quality

The quality inspection of the magnesium alloy products we have

Mechanical testing, cutting, precision testing, thermal shock, falling ball, adhesion certification, salt spray test, three-dimensional, two-dimensional, altimeter, micrometer, caliper

The scope of quality inspection is very wide, generally including appearance quality inspection and internal quality inspection.

Product quality inspection
Magnesium alloy product quality
Magnesium alloy product quality