Finishing Options for Sheet Metal Fabrication

Enhance your sheet metal parts with a variety of finishing options

Need Standard or Cosmetic Parts?

Whether you find yourself developing a prototype for checking form, fit, function or need quick-turn cosmetic parts for your next trade show, we have you covered. Use the guide to choose the best option for you project.

Standard Cosmetic
Description When lower cost is a greater priority than appearance Functionally cosmetic parts that make you, and your parts, look good to stakeholders
Use Cases Form, fit, function prototyping; internal componentry Testing or demonstration units, trade show parts, external componentry
Part Applications Internal brackets and mounts, support structures, washers, spacers, electrical components Housings, heat shields, covers, face plates, external brackets and mounts
Surface Finish Protolabs' discretion Customer specified
(grain direction, orbital sanded)
Safe Handling Yes Yes
Cost $ $$
Quantities 1,000+ Best for 1 - 50