Sheet metal machining Serve

Sheet metal machining is thin-plate hardware processing, that is, a process that can be processed by punching, bending, stretching and other wrists.

What is Sheet metal machining

A rough definition is: parts with constant thickness during processing. Corresponding to castings, forging parts, machined parts, etc., for example, the outer iron shell of a car is a sheet metal part, and some kitchen utensils made of stainless steel Also sheet metal.

Process used in sheet metal machining

The processes commonly used in sheet metal processing include cold-rolled plate (SPCC), galvanized plate (SECC), copper plate, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum, etc. Their functions are different. As for how to choose, generally need to be based on their use and Think about the money. And this is mainly due to the following reasons, consumption can demand progress.

Manufacturing of military chassis

Sheet metal machining accuracy

As far as sheet metal processing is concerned, it is very common for the precision to be a few wires, and the complexity of the process is relatively high, and even some parts have dozens of processes. Therefore, sheet metal processing companies usually require a variety of mechanical equipment to meet different process requirements.

Post-processing service

Machined magnesium alloy parts are left as-is, which usually means they show visible tool marks. Some metal parts can provide more surface treatment options, such as passivation, micro-arc oxidation, electroplating, anodizing. After the run is complete and the desired finish is applied, the parts are boxed and shipped shortly thereafter.

Manufacturing of military chassis

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