Product surface treatment service

Choose from metal plating, secondary processing and customized surface treatments (such as magnesium alloy passivation, micro-arc oxidation, gold conductive).

Additive manufacturing can complete the design of functional prototypes, complex designs and production components within one day.

Choose from metal surface treatment options to enhance parts, improve appearance and other benefits.

Type of surface treatment

Surface-mechanical treatment

Machinery surface treatment uses grinding machines, polishing machines, wire drawing machines and other machinery (continuous liquid interface production) to produce parts.

Surface-chemical treatment

Chemical surface treatment is the use of chemical knowledge to react to the surface of magnesium alloy products, so that a high-quality coating is formed on the surface of the product parts to achieve It is easy to be oxidized and protects the appearance of parts.

Surface-electricity treatment

Power treatment is an industrial electrolysis method that chemically reacts between the metal surface and the solvent, and can produce functional magnesium alloy prototypes within one day And end-use production parts.

Common surface treatment process

anodic oxidation


Golden conductive

Powder spraying



spray paint


Micro-arc oxidation

black oxidation

Vacuum plating



brush light

We also have other surface treatment processes, and we can also purchase customized surface treatment processes according to requirements.


Under the corresponding electrolyte and specific process conditions, due to the action of the applied current, aluminum and its alloys will form a The process of layer oxide film.

Our quality commitment

  • Each order includes an inspection report
  • Perform a 100% visual inspection of each part
  • Strictly reviewed precision manufacturing partners
  • Provide material certification
  • Quality Assurance. If your parts are not manufactured to specifications, we will do the right thing.

The military manufacturing advantage of CYANBAT Technology

Made in line with military standards

GJB 150A

GJB 150A military equipment laboratory environmental test method;


The installation form and basic dimensions of GJB441 airborne electronic equipment chassis and mounting frame;

GJB 779

GJB 779 General Specification for Airborne Electronic Equipment Cases and Mounting Frames;

GJB 780

The basic dimensions of the mounting frame and accessories for GJB 780 airborne electronic equipment;