Artifact post-processing services Serve

Choose from secondary machining as well as custom surface treatments such as magnesium alloy passivation, micro-arc oxidation, gold conductive.

Military reinforced computer case structure


Compliant with GJB salt spray test, sustainable 96-192h
Workpiece surface post-treatment process


Compliant with GJB mold test for 28 days
CNC machining product mold test


Conform to GJB damp heat test: high temperature 60℃, low temperature 30℃, relative humidity 95%, test cycle 10 (25h per cycle)

Choose from metal finish options to enhance parts, improve appearance and other benefits.

Clear coat can be used It is usually applied to parts to create a transparent finish. It is also possible to paint on metal parts. Some sanding and polishing is required to smooth the surface, then the part can be masked and painted in whatever color you want, just send the product's number along with the design upload, and attach the CAD model to indicate which color. Parts are sprayed with GJB paint. Touch painting is also available.

Parts that can be painted, sandblasted, powdered can be dyed in a variety of colors to quickly improve their appearance.

This option is one of the fastest and least expensive ways to make printed parts look appealing. There is no chance of masking certain areas like painting, but for parts made of magnesium alloys, aluminum alloys, stainless steel, and especially those made of magnesium alloy materials, this is often a good choice.

Case shell manufacturing

Silk printing, laser engraving LOGO

is a great way to add company logos, safety warnings and other graphics for added appearance or functionality. We do not provide these products, but can apply them for you. Note that adhesives and thermal transfer decals will not stick to the rough surfaces characteristic of some metal parts, making sanding or smoothing the target surface a prerequisite for decal application.

Textured-brushed, polished

Can make metal parts less slippery, improving the finish of metal parts, improving ergonomics, and improving appearance. When prototyping metal parts, spray textures can be applied to mimic the look of your company's branding used in many cavities.

CNC machining parts


Can be done on metal parts to create high quality surfaces. Again, a certain level of smoothing is required to apply paint and decals, but it is possible to further employ highly decorative surfaces. If this is required, you will need to use graphics or screenshots to determine your final expectations for the part.


A process performed on metal parts through direct power processing, which eliminates thermally induced stress and potential warping. It is also used to harden magnesium alloy metal, strengthening it to make it less prone to cracking and fatigue, or to make it more flexible.

Processing and strengthening the case shell

Secondary machining is a process that specifies a high-precision, smooth surface that can be performed on magnesium alloy parts. Other demanding operations in magnesium alloys include boring or reaming tight tolerance holes or tapping those that require threading. Depending on the material, various types of blades can be electrolyzed or glued in place.

magnesium alloy case

After processing

Aluminum alloy reinforced chassis


Magnesium alloy case processing shell

Blast Beads (Surface)